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In 2018, Trouvaille Invitation was founded after helping a friend create her dream wedding invitation. From there we found the love and imagination to create more bespoke invitations that cater to everyone’s dreams and wishes for an important day in their life.

It started with one person with a long graphic design experience who was only designing the product. Still, then it became a family business after our family members one by one started to get involved in every aspect of the business, starting from the sales part until the printing process, assembly, and the finished product ready to be shipped.


What is the most important aspect of our service is the quality and the timing. From the start of each project, we will be focused on creating a very special design and highly focused on the request of each of our clients. That is why each invitation has its own identity from the couple’s initials, wedding theme color, and the artwork until their wedding theme.

Detail orientation is our ultimate goal while creating the stationeries, from each color contrast, the finishing, printing details until assembling, all together to achieve the perfect result on each invitation and the finishing touch is that we deliver everything on time.


With each clients, we developed more knowledge and perfecting our quality. We believe that giving the perfect result is translating our love and passion that we have for wedding stationeries. Each paper textured is selected and every type of printing methods is well advised to each clients. From one design to another, we always suggest a different type to create more uniqueness on each project.