Letterpress printing is an old school, artisanal form of printing where the design is pressed into the paper, leaving an impression in the cards. Each card is printed individually, one color at a time.

Foil stamping is a similar process to letterpress, and the same machines are used, but the plate and base are heated so that when a roll of foil (instead of ink) passes over the plate and connects with the paper, the points of pressure, where the design is, are left behind in the color of the foil used. Foil colors are bright and shiny, usually, golds, silvers and coppers.

We love bragging and geeking out about our press shop! We are proud to run two 10x15 Heidelberg Windmills, one with factory foil, and an old style 8x12 Chandler and Price.

For letterpress we offer imported paper and double thickness handmade paper, since the thinner the paper is, the less impression will be visible. From that reason we never suggest local fancy paper being used for letterpressing.

Letterpress is a beautiful, old-school form of printing, but it does have a few limitations. With letterpress, we cannot send custom printed proofs prior to printing your entire order. There are also a few design restrictions unique to this type of printing. We cannot print full flooded backgrounds where an entire background is a solid color. It is also good to know that the larger a graphic/design is, the less impression we can achieve. Thin lines tend to look best and be most impactful when letterpress printed. Colors are also printed one by one, so adding extra colors to your design is more costly because it necessitates a separate run through the press, and more time.

House designs are what we call our pre-designed collection of invitation sets. All of our house suites can be customized with your choice of font, color and wording at no charge to really make them personal to your wedding style.


We do! We are happy to offer digital printing for day of cards (menus, programs, place + escort cards, table numbers, signage, etc.). We do not offer digital printing for invitation suites.

We use a different paper stock for digital that is certified for digital print machines. It is textured and substantial feeling and comes in two colors complimentary to our letterpress stocks: true white (bright white analogue) and soft white (pearl white analogue).

Because digital printing is a very different print method than letterpress and uses a different system of ink mixing and application, the color will vary somewhat between the two print processes. However, we think our matches are pretty spot on and always look great together.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer cards that are letterpress and digitally-printed, but we can digitally print and foil on the same card.

Digital print orders have a turnaround time of 2 weeks.


Standard suite assembly includes main invitation, two small enclosure cards, envelope and a plastic covering for shipping. We don’t provide guests labeling. We always prefer to assemble everything and packed already in plastic covering to make sure the invitation is savely wrapped. But you can always ask us for any other assemble if you need extras.

Ribbon assembly includes the same stamping and stuffing as standard assembly, with the addition of tied silk or cotton ribbon embellishment, either with or without a tag. Ribbon is priced separately from the cost of assembly.

Wax Seal + Invitation Suite assembly includes the same stamping and stuffing as standard assembly, with the addition of a wax seal embellishment as a closure over the flap of the pocketfold. Inside the pocketfold, the invitation is adhered to the inner left panel and the other cards are layered and stuffed in the pocket on the right. Pocketfold and seal are priced separately from the cost of assembly.

Is the same as wax seals embellishment, but instead being sealed with wax, some couple prefers to have it with tassels.

Nope, envelope liners are a standard suite addition and require no additional assembly time or cost.

Yes, for orders with assembly, an extra week is added to our turnaround time.

Assembly pricing varies based on which services you want to include. Please directly contact us for extra pricing for embellishments and assembly.


For house designs, we include font, color (not the artwork’s color) and wording changes as free customizations. We are happy to personalize any of our designs with your selections for those options.

We have a great font library with a beautiful selection of font options you can choose from to personalize your suite and make it your own. Please request the fonts directly to our designer.

Our invitation size standard is A5, but you can always upgrade the size to 17 x 23cm for bigger look. Please directly contact us for pricing with this size.

There are a lot of ways to personalize our house suites, but our top recs to make your invites feel extra personal are to work with your stylist to add a semi-custom monogram from our selection of frames and initials, or to add a wax seal closure to an inner invitation envelope.


Due to the customized nature of each and every order, we do require deposit payment of your order prior to designing process. The other half of the payment will have to be done after proofing is approved. We cannot begin processing your order until you have approved a final proof and completed payment.

Yes, we will ask half of the total in advance to start the designing process.

All of our cards are priced in custom, so we don’t offer discounts for purchasing over a certain amount.


In the design process, we give you three times maximum of changes. The first physical proofing is already include in a suite. Additional proofs will be invoiced at the rate of IDR.60.000,- each. Keep in mind, aggregating your changes will help us send revisions faster and decrease the length of the proofing process.

A first preview will take approximately 24 - 48 hours. Revision time will vary based on the number of revisions and how extensive they are. We always try to have revisions sent next day, but this can take longer if you have a large number of edits.

Unfortunately, with letterpress, it just isn’t possible to print a physical proof of your order. However, we are always happy to send samples of our ink swatches and the designs you are considering, so you can check them out in person prior to ordering.

We send a digital preview via whatsapp to make it easier for our client to open and directly see the design preview.

Every computer screen is a little different, so the colors in your proof may look slightly different when printed. Mobile devices are not usually the best way to view your proofs, because the color accuracy isn’t as high. We recommend ordering samples of our color swatches, so you can see the color in person! Proofs will always reflect the actual size of the cards, though we can’t guarantee that your printer will print them to scale. All proofs are labeled with the dimensions and specs of each card.

Submitting your finalization with final proof approval says that you have no further changes to any aspect of the design and you authorize us to print your order as shown. Once we have final proof approval and payment, we cannot make changes for any reason.

Because we have specialized printing plates made for each and every order we letterpress, we cannot make changes to your design once you have approved a final proof and authorized us to go to print. Any new changes may result in additional plate creation, for which client will be responsible. If the order has already been printed, a re-print at the original order price is the only alternative.


The best will be 4 months in advance before your wedding month. It will give us 3 months on working on your invitation suite.
It will be better for us to have it even 6 months before to ensure everything is as you prefer and the more changes will also take more time.

Our standard print turnaround time, once a final proof is approved with payment, is one month. Shipping time is not included and will vary based on ship method selected.

All assembly services require an extra week.

Proofing timelines are usually 24-48 hours (M-F) depending on how extensive your revisions are. A first proof will always be ready within 48 hours! Total proofing time will vary for each client, but generally no less than a week.

We offer three different shipping speeds: Ground (up to 5 business days), Priority (3 business days) and Overnight (next day to most locations). We use local shipping service.