For letterpress and other models such as laser cutting please directly contact us for the exact calculations

All of our suite containts invite card, 2 small enclosure cards, envelope, plastic wrapping for delivery


Rp. 250.000,-

Light custom is for couples seeking a personal and focused design based on our house design selections.

These designs can be as simple as a custom monogram color changing to match your wedding theme and illustrated design details integrated into the invitation suite and as involved as embellishing with wax seals. The goal for all of our custom work is to reflect the story of the couple we are creating for so that their paper goods are a seamless prelude to their celebration.

The process for full custom and light custom is similar, both include personalized design attention and direction, but the light custom process doesn’t include the concept phase.


Rp. 500.000,-

For our most serious paper lovers seeking a full branding experience with endless details and some non-traditional materials, we offer fully custom suites.

Just like our light custom designs, full custom suites are designed specifically for your aesthetic and love story. But what makes full custom different is that we take the paper story a bit further:  we start everything from the scratch and building every details according to your requests.